Carnauba Wax for Depth and Clarity
One Grand Blitz Wax - The world's finest hand crafted carnauba wax - produces a deep durable, clear finish which preserves and protects against all harmful elements.

Carnuba Topper:  After you've done all the Klasse and look back and say wow, this car looks GREAT. You can make it even look better if you want to wax every month or two. Many people layer on a carnauba wax with no cleaning or abrasives in it like One Grand Blitz. This increases depth and shine. I use the Klasse as a shine layer for the car/industrial strength protection and top it off with a carnauba to provide a deep wet looking shine that I like. The carnauba stands out mostly on darker colored cars, but I have made some light colored cars stand out.     

Concours D'elegance (TV show) application of Blitz.
1.  Apply  Blitz as usual.
2.  Go back to the first panel you have waxed, apply Blitz to the entire panel and remove immediately. Apply Blitz to half the panel and remove immediately. Apply to the other half of the panel and remove immediately.
3.  Keep doing this to each panel of the car until you have completed the entire car.

This should increase depth and shine but NOT protection.

Jason's Detailing Corner