Quick Detail Your Car
So your car is a little dusty and is not dusty enough for a wash. Quick detail it. I personally love my One Grand Show Off Quick Detailer. It contains carnauba and rejuvenates the wax on the car if you choose to wax after Klasse. For a quality non-carnauba QD, use Meguiars #34.

Spray and Buff:  Spray the Qd onto a panel of the car, let it sit briefly. Then take your MT and wipe the QD over the panel, then turn it over and buff.  Keep moving around the car until you have QD'd the entire car. You should now have a great looking, clean car.

Windows:  Wipe down the windows with a damp MT and follow up with a dry one to buff to perfect clarity.

Wheels: Grab another microfiber towel and dust off the wheels.

Interior*:  Give a good swipe to your dash and interior windows.  A little water might help you out as well.  Keep in mind you can do this at red lights.
Jason's Detailing Corner